Exciting brands.
Hot events.

For us, merchandise is more than just clothes!

We don’t just give you a piece of the action when one of our stars brings out a new limited-edition product, a premium water or another exclusive perfume. Far from it! You also earn a direct cut from every sale across the entire world.

Merchandise me!

Merchandising has become one of the most important sources of income for the stars of today. It’s a million-dollar market! However, young artists often don’t have the resources needed to bring a collection to market. That’s why we help our artists with this, too – and you can benefit from it.

Don’t miss your favourite artist from our community releasing their new fashion label, their next premium vodka or limited-edition fan products for their newest album – and earn your cut every single time they’re sold, in every corner of the world.

A unique chance for artists to earn from artists

We’re exploring fully uncharted territory, thanks to our community of artists. In the past, artists weren’t interested in advertising or promoting branding that they shared with an array of other artists. Why? Because they were solely focused on selling their own products.

With us, artists don’t just benefit from the sales of products that they themselves advertise. Instead, they’ll also get a slice of the revenue that STAR IN YOU generates through other artists within its community. Everyone involved, whether participants, artists, users or the stars of the future, can benefit from our platform – both financially and in the long term.

Get up close and personal with your favourite stars!

Meet the next chart-topper over a drink, let your hair down as a VIP guest at the hottest events or share a pizza with your favourite star.

Be part of the community!

As part of our community, you can get your hands on special VIP tickets for events and concerts, chill out backstage with your favourite stars or even spend an evening with them at your local Italian. And while you’re doing all that, you’ll also be benefiting from your stake in the global revenues generated by our community’s events. We let you party at our stars’ events as a VIP, and earn money all the while!

As part of our community, you’ll enjoy VIP access to exclusive events and (this is the best bit!) even get a cut of the revenues from our artists’ concerts and merchandising.

STAR IN YOU plans to put on special concerts and events where you can get up close and personal with our artists and stars. As a community member, in addition to just attending these events, you can earn cash from them, too. Where does your money come from? It comes from the artists, entry fees and merchandise.