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STAR IN YOU may well be the most attractive business model for anyone who wants to develop a successful business within the growth markets of streaming and social media.

Let’s be honest.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all secretly dreamed of being a successful musician or influencer. But, sadly, this dream never comes true for most of us.

STAR IN YOU perfectly brings together the two mega-markets of streaming and social media to create a unique business model.

STAR IN YOU encapsulates the changes sweeping social media. We make things interactive so you can get closer to your favourite stars and idols from our community. Our community of artists and fans supports and encourages the talented artists of the future, combining forces to help them reach the top.

As a fan, we give you the chance to promote your favourite stars, vote for them, and guide them along the path to success – while having a stake in it. We’ll even pay you for leisure activities that you’d be more than happy to do anyway.

Our community advertises and votes for artists, who, in turn, apply for shared branding. Everyone’s a winner! Why? Because the artists get a cut of the revenues generated from every sale along this marketing chain, and so does every active user of our platform.

Help us get the next hit to number one

Every time one of our artists’ songs is streamed, it becomes more likely that it’ll go viral and become a global hit. And you’re part of it! No matter when or where it’s played, or what streaming service is used, you’ll earn your cut every single time!

Profit by success

What makes us different? For the first time, every fan can do more than just offer support. They can also benefit financially from the overall success of their idol or favourite artist, even if they themselves are not a musician, singer or influencer. There’s nothing else like us on the market!

Take your chance

Seize the opportunity to get your cut of the global streaming revenues generated by every artist in our community. No matter who streams the song, anywhere in the world, no matter whether the person is part of our community or not, no matter what streaming platform is used – you’ll still get your slice! The higher a song is in the charts and the closer it is to the top of playlists, the greater the likelihood that it’ll become a global hit! For you, this means that every time a song, whose artist you are involved in, is listened by anyone on any of a million streaming services, you’ll automatically benefit from these additional revenues!

Become an influencer

If you’ve ever dreamed of shaping people’s opinions, receiving support, standing in the spotlight or having a long-term stake in the success of your favourite stars and idols, we’ve got the answer. With us, you’ll earn your cut, no matter where you are!

STAR IN YOU is the new community of social influencers and digital trendsetters.

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