Be paid
for your
Be paid
for your posts.
Be paid
for your

Earn money, not just likes and hearts!

STAR IN YOU lets you build up a great income for yourself by opening up opportunities that were previously reserved for leading influencers.

When you work with us, we’ll pay you for branded content – even if you’re not yet a social media star and you’ve only got a handful of followers. As a social influencer, you’re part of our community. Bringing together lots of smaller influencers in a targeted way means that, by working together, we can reach many more people than an individual ever could.

We offer paid partnerships so you can make the most of your social media presence’s financial potential. Build up your social business and earn cash through brand deals!

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Be rewarded for building up your community in all kinds of ways. We give you the flexibility to earn money in a way that works for you, your community and your content.

We network brands with social influencers on every social media platform

Got a flair for fashion and lifestyle?
Want to cook up a storm as the next celebrity chef?
Can’t outrun your love of sports and health?
Love living out of a suitcase?

Thanks to our innovative matching logic and intelligent automation, we provide tailor-made content across more than 25 categories. Inspire others, and earn money while doing it!

Earn money rather than stacking up smileys

Unlike other platforms, STAR IN YOU offers the best of both worlds: lightning-fast smart technology and brand partnerships that work for you.

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