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On our platform, you’ll be able to listen to music. Plus, you’ll also hold a long-term stake in the financial success of the artists that you helped us catapult to stardom!


More than just another music streaming service

At STAR IN YOU, we help artists market their music independently on the hottest streaming services. Our vision is to work with young, talented performers for the long haul, helping them to make it to the top of the charts. That’s why we give them the unique opportunity of showcasing themselves within our network, where our whole community can encourage them and drive their success.

But that’s not all. Our company also helps outstandingly talented artists by providing supplementary marketing campaigns – and the budget to go with them. Our musicians can enjoy terms and conditions that are better than anything else on the market. And best of all? You’re part of the success! Why? Because you can earn your cut with every single song, no matter where they are in the world.

STAR IN YOU turns you into a music manager!

Just imagine that you’d voted for Ed Sheeran’s most successful song ‘Shape of You’. Now, you’d be earning your cut every time the song is played, anywhere in the world.

Give your vote a voice!

Give our artists’ songs a listen, then cast your vote on our platform – and earn your cut when the songs of your artist get popular. We give you the chance to hold a stake in our artists’ global success. Our entire community shares your goal of using our votes to catapult our artists to stardom, ensuring that their songs go viral and become the next smash hit.

This shared growth ensures that talented musicians can access the funds they need to make their musical dreams come true.

No matter who streams the song, you'll earn!

We make it a doddle for you to get your slice of the global revenues our stars generated on countless streaming platforms. 

It makes zero difference whether the songs by the artist you voted for are streamed by a user from our community or anyone else. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re in Europe, America, Asia or anywhere else in the world!